Bio And Whyo

   My fantasy comes bundled with plenty of width to make up for the absence of height.  Shallow suburban stuff is where I’m at, with the occasional interstellar sci-fi crisis spooned into the mix alongside dredgings from the swamp of myth.  Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s dark — mostly it’s both at the same time.
    As a smallster I preferred writing words to reading them.  Truth be told, I just got sick of books which ended all wrong.  Most of my influences therefore have very little to do with literature.  Comics full of pictures, I like, plus all the weirdly normal people who populate streets and buses and shops.  That’s pretty much your lot: I’m a simpleton.
    In the moments twixt lark and supper I write stuff for other people and maraud on the fringes of academia.  The rest of the time I ponder the kid/companion conundrum of domestic sub-bliss, proudly boasting an Overjoyed Demeanour Graft.