Monday, November 21, 2016

Deep Coma, Big Karma

Just winding down for the moment.

The Blogosphere is not what it was in the Two Thousand And Somethings, and discourse has largely morphed itself off elsewhere.

Naturally, I’m in the thick of that stuff, up to my neck — which means this kind of AbyssWinksBack output is done for now.

These are new times, and we need new rascals.

So I’m doing that thing you see so often in sci-fi movies where robotic hands inject astronauts up the pooper with cryogenic sleep drugs before tucking them into stasis pods for a million years.

And I’m packing sugary sweets for the wake-up call.

(Don’t ask me how I intend to inject myself up the pooper.  How rude can you people be?)

So the Abyss must slumber for a while, and with it, dearest days of Protrudio, Geoff, Sock Monkey and all their friends.

May your very best demons be biddable.

Turns out they weren’t so bad and evil after all.

Drill over.