Thursday, April 21, 2016

Legitimise Your Obscenities

    There is a moment when words, pre-written or pre-spoken, meet their do-or-die flashpoint.

    Either they will pass into some form of public domain, or they will go unspoken.

    And herein lies the dilemma.

    What if what you want to say is provocative or challenging or offbeat?

    I have known many times when I have held thoughts of this nature and refrained from releasing them.

    We all do this: have these kinds of thoughts and these kinds of responses to them.

    Sometimes it isn’t apt or appropriate to voice heresy, and sometimes intimidation forces your hand, and I wonder what happens to these unspoken words.

    (And by heresy here, I do not simply mean calling Christ a cock — I refer to the thought that doesn’t quite smooth with the moment.)

    My guess is that these words slither back down your penthroat and redouble their efforts for the next time.

    Perhaps they dress a little different, the better to be heard, or perhaps they strip to the waist and prepare to do battle anew.

    Whatever happens, all this reincarnatory lifepulse counts for nothing if they duck out again when they get the next chance.

    And by them, I mean you.

    Make a habit of this, and what happens to your voice?

    Your inner wardrobe of reinvigoration?

    Your epiglottal punchbag?

    Perhaps language affords us an opportunity to add finesse to our obscenities so the intrinsic awkwardness of being singular can count for something.

    Bit by punctuated bit, we learn to give voice to our passions in ways that endear us to the people we need.

    It’s either that or hanging out alone, with nothing to say.

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