Monday, April 25, 2016

Everyone Full

    As a zen master of the highest order, I’ve taken to scrolling through what passes for motivational bling on my Twitter feed every Monday.

    Like the #ff brigade before them, and the #throwbackthursday people 24 hours before that, the #motivationmonday mob now stands poised to flex its inspirational genitalia before our eyes and perform future-creating miracles simply by tugging deftly on any loose skin.

    Occasionally, there are gems, but mostly these are verbatim quotes, ripped from the lips of dead sages.

    We are parading our laundry right now, occasionally setting chemise against panty and hinting at a whole new spiritual outfit.

    But for the most part, no one is saying anything inspiring or incendiary  — like “what happens when we’re all super motivated as can be?”

    I figure that could be a real hot potato.

    Or is it po-tar-to?

    Uh oh.  Bloodbath.

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