Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blendzinio Limbopips

    Where once I brushed, now I merely tweezer.

    It is a sad fact of the blogging hairdo scene right now that I am destined only to drop in and pluck random follicles rather than make with any kind of broad, flyaway sweep of full on styleeesteuapomp.

    My excuse is that I am busy, but while this is perfectly true, I have always been busy — if only by virtue of indulging in an ambient exfoliation of skin cells primed to last a lifetime.

    Why, thank you, Mr Peno — that sums things up rather neatly.

    I may stand on one leg as a guru contemplating balance in an inherently unsettled universe.

    Maybe after that, I will hoover the living room and write a splash of fiction...

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