Thursday, February 4, 2016


    You can’t move on the internet these days for writers offering writing advice.

    Seems everyone has a take on everything from the creative process to the particulars of publishing.

    And what about all those successful business entrepreneurs with big bucks businesses showing everyone else to how to become successful business entrepreneurs with big bucks businesses?

    They have the motivation, they have the aspirational funnel, they have the raw material to stuff down the wider end of the tube.

    Plenty of copywriters also will tell YOU how to WRITE to CONVERT.

    Their $3k mentoring programs transform noobs into sought-after professionals — all in the space of three 10 minute phone calls.

    More chefs than ever before have swapped the kitchen for the classroom in their zeal to grace more of the world’s dining tables with the perfect canapé or ocelot jus.

    Their online stores are filled with signature hats, aprons, ladles, garlic crushers, chopsticks — and more.

    And let’s not forget all those masterclasses with prominent ex-polititians — if you can afford $30,000 for fucking dinner.

    What has happened to people actually doing things?

    When did we all become such gurumaniacs?

1 comment:

fairyhedgehog said...

If you can, do. If you can't...

And it seems like we're all suckers for the quick fix offered by someone else otherwise there'd be no market for guruisms.