Thursday, December 10, 2015

Post-Laurensine Flip-Poppery

   I take a brief pause from my do-or-die battle with the phantoms of Christmas Preparational to proffer a suitably unfestive tale from my writerly gizzard.

    From today through till Monday, this one lurks on Amazon in all its freebitude, waiting to pounce on your tablet’s precious disk space, there to nestle amongst LOLcat pic, superfluous pdf, and voluminous folder-locked nekkid alike.

    The promotional video (*snarf*) is from last year, but all the info is still vallid.

    Main point: FREE ALL WEEKEND.

    In this new age of austerity, the Bank of the Dead has tightened its belt and cut back on funding spooks.

    Mummies now groan naked, vamps suck with prosthetic gums, and the faintly flapping have downgraded from bed sheets to tea towels.

    When the Bank calls time on the ghosting days of the decapitated 13th Earl of Crotcham, it invites the wrath of a fiend still keen to get ahead.

    Join the world’s least terrifying spectre as he battles the scrooge-like wraiths of the Afterlife for his right to go



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