Thursday, September 24, 2015

Catalysts & Keepers

    As it rolls in life, so it scrolls in writing.

    (Or ‘goes’, if you’re using pen and paper.)

    Most things #amwriting are catalysts — ammed into being to be checked out later to figure if they’re worth anyone else seeing.

    Most things #amediting are keepers — ammed because they’re the only words left standing after all the unwitnessible elements have been cut.

    This is why first drafts must be catalytically audacious and unafraid to behold all miracles.

    You can’t KEEP all that stuff — but you must generate it till it vomits sparks from your every orifice.

    This is why final edits must be be meticulously conservative and bold enough to convey one single message brilliantly.

    You can’t ADD MORE to all that stuff — and you must trust its capacity to ignite all it touches.

    In writing, as in life, there are catalysts
and there are keepers.

    You #amwriting or #amediting today?

    Roll your wheels out appropriately over the sleepers.

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