Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Me Is Has Was 7

    Would it be overstepping the mark to crack open the Champers in celebration of this blog’s 7th anniversary?

    Ah — to hell with it.

    I’m doing it anyway.

    So there, the cork’s popped, the flute’s primed, the keyboard is ruined.

    Party time.

    Actually, this champagne is not at all bad.

    I found it in a £3.99 bargain bucket in Aldi alongside some 10-for-the-price-of-1 tinned peas and a job lot of size 13 frogman flippers.

    Produced in Finland, it has “an unduly crisp and personable taste” and is “perfect for any meal, especially seafood and lettuce”.  Better still, it’s only 8% alcohol, which is perfect for the purpose of rocking out and composing a blog post at 6am.

    So — what to say about seven years of blog-bustin’ gung-ho?

    To be honest, my dreams and aspirations for this blog have changed utterly since its inception.

    When I began on April 1st 2008, my sole intention was to generate a modest bunch of followers before June 1st and offer Son of Whirl as a midsummer raffle prize to save on the weekly beefburger bill.

    As it turned out, those followers were too special, too brilliant, too unstupid, to be fobbed off with any kind of dumb ‘pawn the kids’ deal.

    Too numerous to mention, and with names too difficult to spell, most of them are recorded in the Nexus Deperplexus section of the sidebar to the left of this post.

    Together, we have forded streams and climbed mountains, occasionally dressing up like the gayest of clowns and troubadours.

    It’s been fun.

    But 2015 heralds changes.

    Past glories should never be forgotten, but future triumphs must always be ready to roll.

    And so, I pass on to vistas new.

    Excitingly novel cheeses with balloon-sized holes and wibbly bits! 

    Stick-on penguin beaks! 

    A 48-hour Charlestonathon!

    All this — and more — could be coming soon.

    There may even be some actual writing.

    And, in spite of the sub-Tundroid temperatures, Maurice is still alive, waiting to be ridden like                          
                                       #    life was a rodeo of unadulterated excitement.

    So, stirrup up, *hic* ye blog buff pups.


            its time to party, starting tomorrow when the regular blog post is.


        18% ha i misread the label.  There’s a picture of some hero from the kalevala on the label and his enormous weapon cuts through the text so you can’t see the 1 in 18.

ha ha he looks like a badly ironed terence stamp in his pyjamas


    hell whats this stuff called
                pohjanmaan kautta

what the hell is po janman kautta ?

        sounds fucking weird



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