Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vault Face: To The Fish From The Fish

   Okay, so I'm hoovering up a few old blog posts this week because time to generate new ones is shorter than Tom Cruise standing in a hole dug to hide Richard Osman, but I hope this offering from June this year brightens your day more than anything I could write this morning.

   The Christmas TV adverts have begun.  They're not of the Full-on Tinsel and Rudolf's Fat Arse In Yer Face variety, but they're annoyingly premature nonetheless.  What's especially annoying is that they pretend not to be Christmas ads at all.  Instead of proclaiming CHRISTMAS IS HERE they whisper Christmas is coming, all in the name of subtlety I suppose.  A bit like Jack Nicholson AT the door with his axe rather than THROUGH it and ALL OVER YOUR STOMACH in The Shining.

   So, Merry Christmas, DFS Furniture.  May you rot, and the vessels of your circulation clot.

Dear Mr & Mrs Greetings Card Shop,

Can I


have a Christmas card that just says

“Merry Christmas”

on it?

Click to enlarge.


dolorah said...

I'd rather see Halloween at this time, and then go all out for THANKSGIVING. The buying frenzy can await its time.

I quit participating in X-Mas. I'll buy gifts when I damn well have the money. At TAX REFUND TIME. We should be celebrating April 15 :) for that all important purchasing power.

Whirlochre said...

Good to see you spangly avatar flittering about the place.

Maybe we should combine Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and April Fool's Day, celebrating the whole quintet of fun with maybe a little cheese.