Monday, October 6, 2014

Shop For Funky At The Mash-Uptique

    You’re familiar with mash-ups, right?

    Armed wrestlers from the US State Department’s Overweight & Dangerous Special Reserve Squadron descend on your home and sit on your face till it turns to blancmange.

    What’s weird about mash-ups is the way they sound like they’re amorphous and pulpy, when in reality what makes them work are the distinct edges between the ingredients mashed.

    Given that you can theoretically mash anything with anything, the world will never run out of ideas.

    It would probably take us till the end of time (or, at very least, 2483) to mash together everything we already have, ticking every combinatioral box for Anything 1 + Anything 2.

    Then (assuming time really is infinite after all) we could take all of our newly created mash-ups — our new anythings — and start throwing those together, and so on.

    Who knows — maybe then infinity would bow out and make way for the sequel.

    So, next time you’re stuck on something, don’t imagine that you lack ideas (or the capacity to generate them).

    As human beings, we’re born to +.

    Everything hinges on the assemblage of anythings, and the purpose awaiting the eventual mash-up.

    That’s where French mathematician Henri Poincaré had it right all those years ago when he grew a fine beard off the back of pondering the Combinatorial.


fairyhedgehog said...

So, we could make infinity bigger with our mashups? Great idea, Whirl!

Whirlochre said...

We could rock it Big Time.