Monday, August 11, 2014

Les Bon Vacances Haiti

    Everyone needs a hiatus every once in a while — unless it’s a hiatus hernia.

    So with the weather being so good, I’ve opted to take two.

    Kinda makes me polyhiatic, which I guess is the holiday version of wearing cushioned insoles.

    What this means is that this is pretty much it for blog activity for August — here, of course, not worldwide.

    Between now and September I plan to divide my time between holidaying and fixing up parts of the house that have been threatening to crumble to dust since 1991.

    Then, after a much needed pre-op transvestite style bowel makeover c/o my celebrity caecum quack, I hope to return in rejuvenated form in September for more dolloping of the bollocks atop reality’s disappointingly mingy sherry trifle.


    Hmm, as machinations of the Bad Timing Elves go, I see now how desperately unfortunate it is to have been persuaded by them to be away from my desk on Saturday 23rd when Peter Capaldi is scheduled to come can-canning into all of our lives and send Doc Martens’ profits through the roof of the world.

    Might have to post something then I suppose...

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