Monday, July 28, 2014


   By the time this scheduled blog post hits THE UNIVERSE I should be safely tucked up in a pair of walking boots, romping around some gazelle-rich English paradise of ferns and (probably) fucking rain.

    I hope to be abducted by underworld zulus or fed to a fey scrotal insect thang as part of a druidic ritual, but if nothing comes of that, maybe I’ll post a few photos later in the week.

    In the mean time, I’m taking this opportunity to promote one of the greatest dental hygiene products to smack onto the market BIG TIME in recent years.

    Lovers of the blog, I present to you — the Bloop Grub


    Discovered only recently thanks to their uncanny ability to camouflage themselves as blobs of mint-style toothpase, these feisty wonders are now being tamed by the zillion and released into the mouths of the world.

    In just fifty five co-ordinated wiggles, the Bloop Grub is guaranteed to clear any set of teeth of all plaque and detritus.

    Within less than a minute your teeth can look polished and clean as new.

    So while I trudge round in the rain waiting for adventure to come my way, why not send off for a trial pack of three Bloop Grubzz right now?

    Remember: regret is mostly about the things you DIDN’T DO rather than the things you DID.

Click to shrink until it GOES AWAY.
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