Monday, June 23, 2014

Holiday Presently In Mooksterhöeppenn

    If you seek to be holidaying in Mooksterhöeppenn any times in July, be resolved to enjoy our new travel brochure.

    Containing the hottest of tips for all beauty spots, it wants to inform you all about all the loveliness we are experiencing here in our European paradise.

    There will simply be so much sight here!

    And there are no Nazi difficulties today since there isn’t World War II any more.

    For examples, you could consider to think of these amazing ones:

    Chuby Checker Night in Hüüüberfrittenfahld

    Our capitalest city is spread wide for your pleasure all weekends dancing to R&B legend Checker and his many songs and guitars.  You must arrange for feel of passion!

Look for the sumptuous thrilling of this Hüüüberfrittenfahld sports building, also demonstrating swimming, weightlifting and too much running.

    River Gootehentats Hog Roasting

    Step aboard our floating restaurant and look beyond all the very pleasant water where there are prowling safety people.  Our chef Olga might cook pigs for you, roasted till the skin has gone all crackling.  Then there should be dancing right up until there are cattle in your house.

    There must be also music to lend cheer all around, this time only trombones but they are something professional.

Our wanted trombones are often the longest ever on the globe!

    Raagheuvemöögas Carnival

    Excite yourself with the most merriment as this gay festival moves forward.  Christened “Europe’s smallest carnival” by the nicely ones at Eurohopper Travel it is our gift to all of your world.

    See giraffes and many many masks.

 Such a spectacle that we demolish the leaning tower of Pisa and everything in Egypt!

    Be certain to discover our modest paradise and settle on some beautiful lakes.  It is cheaper than Las Vegas and also caravans in Blackpool even if there are hotels.

    Try this very thing before tomorrow or you must become sad.


fairyhedgehog said...

I am sadder becoming because I am not to be going to the lovely paradise of Mooksterhöeppenn instead I will the not so valiant Brittany be visiting this vacation.

Or somewhere in France, anyway. Or Spain. I wish Brittany Ferries website wasn't so slow.

Whirlochre said...

Brittany is always one to watch for.

Ah, for a glass of lukewarm cidre and an iritating small dog...

fairyhedgehog said...

I'll stick with wine and croissants, I think.

Whirlochre said...

Sounds like a winning strategy.