Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guided Meditation du Jour

    Forget all your problems right now.

    Walk away, walk away, walk away.

    Leave them, feel them fade.

    And walk towards the Sunlight.

    Walk, and walk, then climb on up.

    Bound from cloud to cloud.

    Up and up and up.

    All the way to the Plateau of Serenity.

    It’s quiet here; the clouds are fluffy white.

    So lay down, take it easy.

    Aaaaaand stretch out.

    Feel that tension slip away.

    Feel it drop away into the clouds.

    From your head...

    ...all the way to your toes.

    Lie still, comforted by a glow of warmth inside of you.

    Lie still, and wait for your Relaxation Horse.

    She comes now, she bounds across the clouds.

    Feel them quiver softly beneath you

    as her hooves trot closer, closer.

    Hear her breath, her swishing tail

    and be comforted by her gentle movement.

    Now feel her tongue against your neck.

    It’s a warm tongue, a soft tongue, a loving tongue,

    massaging your neck

    in gentle circles,

    easing out all the tension.

    Round it goes one more time,

    then down along your back

    from the top

    to the bottom.

    From side

    to side.

    And all the way back up again

    round to your tummy

    and up

    past your lips

    to your hair.

    All the time relaxing and relaxing you

    as she hums

    and whinneys

    and plays her magic

    somniferous flute

    with her equally magical ears.


    and humming

    and calling

    to your Inner Stillness Reptile.

    Soothing it

    as it slumbers deep beneath your chest.

    Feel your Inner Stillness Reptile.
    Feel him doing NOTHING.

    Feel him live.

    Feel him love.

    Feel him BE.

    Feel for your Relaxation Horse.

    Love her for sharing time with you

    as her tongue laps round the inside of your head,

    cleansing your mind

    of all unhelpful thoughts.

    Love her for licking round the inside

    of your Inner Stillness Reptile’s head,

    bringing purity

    and calm

    and serenity

    via the miracle

    of her Buddhic saliva.

    Feel her drool splash onto your face,
    Lending freshness to your aura

    energy to your karma

    and love to your chakras.

    Your Inner Stillness Reptile is floating now,

    borne on a pool of love

    like a bush baby

    in a bathtub

    of happiness.

    Feel him turn and roll and bob,

    feel him soothe your heart

    and calm your mind
    and still your digestive system.

    As your Relaxation Horse

    blesses every inch of your skin with kisses.

    Nostril kisses planted like seeds.


    and relaxing

    and warming

    All your cares away.

    Gone forever, away.

    When you rise you’ll feel refreshed

    and alive.

    Blessed by a sense of relaxation

    more profound

    than when Andy Warhol

    drugged himself to the point of terminal stupor.

    You’ll walk tall,

    you’ll walk free,

    you’ll walk...kinda odd for a few minutes maybe.

    But the world is yours for the taking.

    Go live.

    Go live. 
    Go live.



fairyhedgehog said...


That wasn't weird at all.

But my inner chipmunk of happiness is squirming away now. Maybe he just doesn't like horses and reptiles.

Whirlochre said...

You upgraded to a chipmunk?

Go you...