Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fissure Imminent

    One of the best things about having the builders round to fix up your wayward architecture is the fun to be had tossing rotten fruit over the waistbands of their gravity-bound trousers and watching it tumble down, down, down into the murky depths of Butt Crack Abyss.

    Why, if you hire the right crew, sometimes your efforts are rewarded with a group hug or kinky sex involving a Black & Decker workmate.

    In the virtual world, however, renovation is far less exciting.

    So if you’re visiting over the next few days while essential site maintenance is underway, do please resist the urge to feast upon photos and vids of burly builder types sporting matching steel toecapped boots and crotchless tights, for you will find nothing of the kind on display here.  Instead, you can expect to see html disarray, or even no blog at all.

    Like Dr Who and Jacko before him, I plan to give myself something of a facelift.  Maybe even a bumlift...

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