Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Be Gruff

    Time now for a bloggerly re-tread — the weblog equivalent of a Band Aid stuck to a floppy Morris Minor’s ailing rubber.

    I know I promised Lights! Camera! Action! every Monday and Thursday morning, but the two killer posts residing in my Schedule Bunker are so undeniably killer that they’ve killed each other to death with the venom of a pair of Adrian Mitchell’s metaphorical caged angels (minus the eating part)*.  So, I hope that’s clear.

* Hey! Let’s all play Google It!

    In order not to disappoint (frustrate, annoy and mis-hula) I’ve unravelled a cotton bobbin and dredged the Abysswinksback swamp for a suitable re-tread post c/o my undeniably brilliant net weaving skills.

    So, here once again is the sequel to a famous fairy tale classic, read aloud by one of my previous selves and accompanied by fluffsy cock-ups that prompted an immediate competency regeneration to rival Matt Smith morphing into a spoon.  Think of it as a herald of what’s to come very soon: new spoken fiction, vlogs of me in my Snoopy onesie, The Whirl Pro Chef Guide to Cucumber Slicing...


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