Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fiction Freebie Fest

For the next two days you can grab some of my fiction from Amazon for free.

The offer begins at 00.00 hours on February 16th, Pacific time, and for now I’m running with the strapline

 My Words.  Your Kindle.  Our Mutual Mindstuff Baby.

At 24 pages, it’s a breezy read — the perfect complement to the kind of high energy weekend workout I know some of you sweat and thrust your way through as you straddle the gap between  Friday and Sunday racing dragsters, wrestling stallions, and fighting off alien hordes in your combat-primed exoskeletal tutus.

Here’s what you’ll get if you choose to run with this once-in-a-lifetime (for now) bonanza of bonusness:

The universe’s greatest ever investigative duo uncovers a plot to destabilise the Cosmos in a run-down London convenience store.  As booze-crazed alien slugs unleash unspeakable horror and terror, only a combination of MacKillop’s able brain and Broken Vacuum Cleaner’s array of cleaning attachments can hope to save the day.

An anonymous online reviewer lambasted this book, saying it had "really stupid characters in an even dumber storyline".  Indeed it does — and thanks for the perfect blurb.

This is the first story in the BVC & MacKillop series. Genre aficionados may appreciate its blend of fantasy, sci-fi and humour — not to mention a fascination with defunct household gadgetry of a sucky nature.

Like the very best drunk driver seconds before suffering a terrible whiplash accident, you’re only a click away from a life-changing experience.

Read for free today and tomorrow — and if you like it, do please review.


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow - the book's real! LOL! I thought your were pulling my proverbial leg! LOL! Well done you!

Now, is it 100% horsemeat?


Take care

Whirlochre said...

The weird thing about all this horse meat is that some of it is 100% beef.