Monday, January 21, 2013

Twinky Twonky Pip-pop

I’m intrigued by this BBC article about the potential effects of internet hyper-connectivity on society.

I don’t know about what goes on in your household (though if I were you, I’d lose that whole deal with the cling film and the life size gelatin seal pups), but with every day that passes, Whirl Towers plays host to an ever growing collection of twinky twonky pip-pop-friendly gadgetry seemingly destined to imprint its twinky twonkiness onto the raison d’etre of all who dwell within its spider-bespeckled walls.

Time was, I thought only of clothing and feeding myself, but now hardly a second passes when I’m not logging on to some website/app/in-hip feed or another to check my status, mood or angle of dangle — or rating/building/recommending/uploading farms/castles/pets/condoms/wasps by shuffling animated bytes of cybernothing from meaningless pixel panorama to meaningless pixel panorama using a pen that would have been known in the olden days as A Useless Rubber On A Stick.

Is that what Pallib Ghosh is on about?

And does he realise his name is an anagram of the hideously realised Widdecombic aspiration,  ‘hag shall bop’?

As an aside while you muse on this, and other conundrums, here’s my best snow picture of the season (taken yesterday, before we had to swim for it like sub-aqua mammoths):


Old Kitty said...

I wouldn't say no to an ipad..!

Take care

Whirlochre said...

Agreed - plus I prefer to save all my noes for lunatic axemen asking me whether or not I want my head chopping off.

fairyhedgehog said...

Nice photo!

I'd noticed that people were getting in touch by using the internet and I didn't even have to do any research to find it out. Does that make me a genius?

Whirlochre said...

Synaptic Hog du Jour

Sadly not — geniuses are born, not made.