Monday, October 15, 2012

Shagged Reclinotorium Blues

Looks like my Reclinotorium is shagged.

I had it built on to the back of my house in place of a conservatory for the sole purpose of practising my reclining.  The idea was for me to become so good at reclining that I could put myself forward for a few competitions, maybe building up to the Nationals.

I’ve always been great reclining at 30° and 45°, and with the help of my trainer I’ve managed to make considerable inroads into 60°.

Now it appears that the builder who erected my Reclinatorium laid the floor all wrong and it isn’t level.  When I think I’m reclining skillfully at 30°, actually it’s closer to 32° — a hopeless situation for competing professionally because

a) it throws my inner gyroscope all out of kilter


b) even though I could level my recliner seat with a few beer mats, this kind of adjustment is banned on the pro circuit.

Call me Mr Grrr!

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