Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warming My Cockles

The great thing about the song The Sun Has Got His Hat On is that it was written and recorded before the invention of the mankini.

Had Gay and Butler sat down to write the score to Me And My Girl today, doubtless they’d have been struggling to find decent rhymes for “resplendent in thongesque lycra” and “balls bursting from the skimpyness”.

But, hey — it’s gloriously sunny here at the moment and I’m not complaining.

Sunlight ripples across every structure from my window to the vista like a molecule-thick rug weaved from the essences of randy cephalopods and even through my view is compromised by the JCBs roaring about on the plot of land that will soon become home to The Mole People, I’m delighted that every day brings further promise of the summer to come.  As of now I can commence making preparations for creeping about the place bunged up with hay fever, rubbing ointment into every inch of my seared flesh and being stung by a thousand and one fucking wasps.



fairyhedgehog said...

Send some of it our way!

(word ver: artneed velare. I think.)

Old Kitty said...

Er... it's wet and windy and flamin' freezing here!

I'll trade your wasps for my wet icy socks! LOL!

Take care

Whirlochre said...

Soleil Hog
There's bound to be some more snow before everything gets underway.

Old Kitty
Your cat's ears must suffer terribly.

stacy said...

Glad to hear you're warm. We've had a few sunny, rather warm days this week, but now we're back to winter cold.