Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Sunday Feeling, Scummy Gnome, Ovaltine

How can one resist the lure of a Sunday morning car boot sale, with its fields of rubbish and tat piled high against the horizon as if a thousand refuse lorries had gathered back to back in a wagon trail circle of the damned and defecated en masse till their groaning steel ani could take no more?

Bizarre as it may seem, I can resist such a lure with ease.

So while Girly of Whirly pounds the cattle-free turf hunting for plates and bowls we don’t need, attachments for utensils we don’t own, and anything reduced from over fifty quid to under fifty P — even if it’s signed by Dale Winton and comes with a spare plug — I shall languish at home with my muffin ‘n’ egg breakfast, clad in slippers of softest fluff and gown of M&S, possibly freaking out to something by Bach or Mozart or Bruckner c/o my Kidz Kazoo Klazzikz CD.

Truly, I am “easy like a lucky bastard”.



McKoala said...

Clearly Girly o' Whirly is out there trying to find an answer to the age-old question: 'what do you buy for the man who has everything?'

Old Kitty said...

Ya know!! I never noticed but now I do!

You, Mr Whirl, have more than a passing smidge of a resemblence to the multi-talented Mr Winton. Seriously.

Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm having a lazy day with a trip to the tip as the highlight.

At least Elbow is on Sky tonight. Something to look forward to.

Whirlochre said...

As it turned out, she came home with a noose.

Old Kitty
But it's a black and white photo — how can you tell?

There's nothing to beat dumping an old microwave oven of a Sunday afternoon...