Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Flowing Pink Chiffon Experiment

Nathan Bransford ran a great post last night on the current state of the Blogosphere. In essence, he asks: Have Blogs Peaked?

In full, his post is here.

I’ve been aware for some time that since Facebook, Twitter, Arsebook, CheeseToss and other similar social networking sites took off big time, substantive blogging seems to have taken something of a hit — and I’ve corresponded personally with some of my followers about much the same topic.

Indeedy, in the Tangerine Guru’s comment trail, I harp on thusly:
Comment 1
I'm definitely noticing a downturn in traffic, commentary and visitors.

With the exception of a few hip sites I visit, this seems to be mirrored across the dimpled ball formerly known as "the blogosphere".

Facebook and Twitter seem to have siphoned people off into a chittery chattery form of social interaction at a cost to the more substantial offerings available on Blogger and Facebook.

Which is a shame.

Hopefully, this is a "flour through sieve" moment and we'll be left with a better selection of blogs in the long run as the chitter chatterers are weeded out (not that you can weed with a sieve anywhere other than Mixed Metaphor Land, of course...)

Comment 2

One further comment.

I tend to find that my more substantial posts are commented upon less frequently than my frivolous ones.

If I post some researched commentary about writing, I may get a few hits, but if I go with a photo of a gorilla in a tutu, accompanied by a single exclamation mark, my visitors are all over me like mayo on a quarter pounder.

My plan for today had been to dig out something suitably simian-cum-shamelessly-JulianClaryan but most of the photos I found were either copyrighted or disgustingly pseudopornographic — or both.

So, in the spirit of pushing the experimental boat out further, here’s a link to some photos of gorillas in tutus.

And here’s a picture of an exclamation mark.

Here commenceth the Whirl/Nate Blog/Mayo Test/Crock-o-Shite.


fairyhedgehog said...

It could be a mixture of things. I know several of my blog buddies are now on Facebook and I hardly see them because I loathe Facebook.

But I'm around less because the old CFS has flared up and some days finding words to blog or comment is just too exhausting.

Simon Kewin said...

I tweet. I Facebook (is that a verb yet?) But give me my blog any day. It feel like it's mine whereas the other stuff is just me shouting across a crowded room.

Where do I sign up for CheeseToss?

Phoenix said...

Acckk! What's up with the music? Lure me here off RSS with promises of exclam marks and then whap me up the side of my ears with muzak?

Anyway, frivolous remarks are sooo much easier than thinking ones.

Sometimes, too, a point can be overlooked when it's masked with wild metaphors and silly non-sequiturs. It takes work to follow a trail like that. But a picture of a gorilla in a tutu? An easy mark.

And a data point for the experiment: I won't click thru to a blog if I think music could be involved (and once burned ...). My ears are otherwise occupied when I'm surfing the interweebs.

Old Kitty said...

Those weren't real gorillas nor were the tutus pink enough!! I'm most disappointed!! But I am very happy with your exclamation mark. Amen.

Take care

Whirlochre said...

She Ith Hoglike Yet Pas D'un Actual Snorty Muddy Hog
As we flip and flap between intangible certainties, flimflam is evidently up for grabs.

You distinguish between the substantive and the RHIANNAtwonk-btw-just-giv-birth-to-haemmorrhoids-letzzpardee with aplomb.

However, to answer your question, CheeseToss is subscription only, via "Helmet Mates". If you're interested, I..I know a friend who has the access codes...

The music persists because of a previous post — forgot to dim my bloggy poddy.

Come back soon for Baby Bats Flopping About On Barely Set Reindeer Jelly Moulds.

Old Kitty
You'd be shocked by how many photos of gorillas in tutus a Google search of gorillas in tutus ecybers forth...

Anonymous said...

I have only been blogging for a year and find a lot of the comments that are left "too encouraging", does that make sense? I prefer blogging - Facebook links to animals in cute clothes, LOLs and OMGs are a little OTT for me.

Anonymous said...
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Scarlet Blue said...

Yes, interestingly I had success with six question marks, HERE, and nothing else.
Posts about blogging are generally very popular!

Whirlochre said...


Good to see you here.

As for encouraging comments, I agree. It's about time people started dumping wanton abuse on me.

Whirlochre said...


Good to see you here.

As for encouraging comments, I agree. It's about time people started dumping wanton abuse on me.

Whirlochre said...


So ashamed to have missed that one.

I'd hoist meyself on my own petard but it takes two people to hold it — and anyway, not in these trousers, perhaps.