Friday, October 29, 2010

Clown, Sword Swallower, Or Acrobat?

Looks like Geoff has run away to join the circus.

According to my neighbour, who we left in charge of the cat food while we were away in the Lake District, she hasn’t been seen since the morning we left — not even at her infamous bolt hole where she disappeared over the summer when Builders With Buttocks performed a structural destruction on Whirl Towers.

She was sixteen some time around May, and I know this for a fact because Son of Whirl found the spent candles tucked away under his duvet one morning. Sixteen isn't terribly old for a cat and she showed no signs of impending mortal rictus in the weeks preceding our trip away, so I can only hope she’s been inspired by her recent antics to find another Mummy and Daddy somewhere snug and warm on the block. House to house investigations are afoot, and my one dream for the weekend is to chance upon her curled up on a window sill between a couple of horrendous brass ornaments (that’s Geoff, not me — I can’t fit on a window sill unless I’m in a stately home). What I’m dreading is a scenario like her sister’s ‘discovery’ ten years ago. Moonie, the country’s official Disaster Cat, had been missing for over a week in the icy wasteland of November, and in the wake of a solemn “I think I’ve found your cat” style knock at the door one night, had to be scraped from a neighbour’s patio with a shovel like a frozen pizza.

In the mean time, here are what might be the last photos of Geoff for those of you who’ve treasured her intrusions into the Blogosphere over the years.

The bear, btw, belongs to Son of Whirl, and only sits on my bedside table to stop him tearing its head off. For the record, I am NOT a hoarder of cuddlies...


fairyhedgehog said...

She's such a sweet little thing. I do hope she comes back.

Old Kitty said...

I hope Geoff realises how tough circus life is and returns to being a Cat of Whirl!!!!

Seriously though, 16 is too grand an age to go missing!! I do hope she's found safe and sound! Good luck!

Take care

Robert Swipe said...

Ah, Geoff looks a lovely old thing, doesn't s/he. Bit old for Liontaming though, 16, don't you think?


We have a neighbour we call Mrs. Geoff (it's probably hardly worth going into why we call her that in such a small space, but basically the long and the short of it is that we call her husband Mr. Geoff ... it makes sense to us) who is renowned (well, locally, at least) for feeding the neighbourhood cats with biscuits (as you've probably already inferred, we have fictionalised these as 'Mrs. Geoff's Biscuits and, if we weren't so lazy and non-entrepreneurial, we would long ago have turned this idea into a highly marketable product).

Anyway, I mention all this because it would be lovely if Geoff has somehow managed to get down south and is, as we speak, scoffing one of Mrs. Geoff's biscuits before dragging his stool and whip back off to the circus...

Hope s/he turns up soon and is safe and well


wrod vrecificatoin: ingra

(As in 'Look back in....'?

Whirlochre said...

Thanks all — and nice to see Mort around the place again, albeit morphed.

One of the blogosphere's hidden treasures, is Bob — so go and visit him.

For someone who's clearly had experience of Nuneaton, he's remarkably funny.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

I'm so sorry to hear she's gone AWOL. I hope she turns up again. Perhaps she's gone to some hum-dinger of a cat party with Jaffy.

Phoenix said...

She's probably off terrorizing the neighbors' dogs. That takes a bit to get old and she probably doesn't know Dad is back in town.

Here's to her showing up at your doorstep tomorrow meowing plaintively and accusing YOU of not letting her in fast enough.

jjdebenedictis said...

Oh--I hope she's fine. Or at the very least that she's wowing the crowds with her feats of daring and sparkly outfit.

stacy said...

I'm so sorry. I hope she's found safe and sound like last time. Good luck!

Whirlochre said...

Looks like she was spotted last Thursday in the middle of the road.

But — not dead.

A little girl begged her Mum to take her in and she's now dining on milk and honey c/o the RSPCA.

Hope to have her back some time this weekend.


Who'd have them?!

jjdebenedictis said...

Hurrah, Geoff and Whirl! Together again for more years of chin scruffings and world-class purring! (I'm glad she's safe and will be home soon.)

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm so relieved! I was really worried about her. Now Rufus will be happy too, to have his heart-throb back.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Oh, I do hope so. I love a happy ending!

Phoenix said...

Wonder how many of her nine lives she has left now.


stacy said...

What a relief.

Robin S. said...

So is she OK??? Did ya get her back?