Saturday, October 9, 2010

Any More Rejoicing And I'll Explode

Today is a dashing D’Artagnan sort of a day — a day for donning the wide brimmed hat of a dandy, complete with feather and the carefree flop of excess.

My moustache too, neither trimmed nor waxed (nor, heaven forbid, Hitlered) whooshes about my cheeks like vines lowered from a tree by a clever chimp intent on rescuing Tarzan from quicksand.

The air feels the zip of my rapier. With deft strokes I split proton from neutron, colour the empty space with arcs of sizzling silver

OK. I’ll fess up.

Today, I’m shopping for paint.


Mr London Street said...

Could be worse, you could be applying it to a flat vertical surface.

Old Kitty said...

A rapier and a wide brimmed hat will come in handy when shopping for anything on a Saturday! Take care

McKoala said...

Aw, did GoW ask you to do 'something useful' today...

fairyhedgehog said...

You lucky, lucky man.

I saw you on tv last night. It was on Dave, showing a "sponsored by Glade2 advert. They only showed the feet but I'd know those socks anywhere.

Whirlochre said...

I've got so used to seeing your weeble avatar on Twitter, I'd forgotten what you looked like.

The rotten thing is that now I have the paint, I have to apply it to a flat vertical surface (ie a door) annoyingly balanced at a jaunty angle (ie against the wall).

Cap'n Fun, I ain't.

Old Kitty
The paint vendor was a very nice Saturday girl called Julie. The lighting expert at B&Q was probably called Astonishingly Useless Bastard.

Hey — knicker ironing day was yesterday.

Hoggo Sploggo
Excellent. So that's me, the Glade2 guy and David Dimbleby...

stacy said...

At the rate Glade2 must be paying you, you could hire someone to shop for paint. Although I doubt they'd have for your flair for style.