Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scenariologistically Speaking

Glass half full or half empty?

Or is this a loaded question?

As in — is having this option a ‘glass half full’ situation?

And whatever happens, can you use the glass afterwards? Like a Nutella jar? Only in a straight glass-to-glass scenario rather than a jar-to-glass scenario?

Would the whole outlook dilemma scenario seem any different if it was a Nutella jar rather than a glass?

As in — Nutella jar half full or half empty?

Or is this another loaded question?

As in — any amount of Nutella in a jar is a good thing?

And why do I keep talking about scenarios?

Hmmm, must be a Wednesday...


Mireyah Wolfe said...

The only amount of Nutella in a jar that is NOT a good thing is NONE.

If there is Nutella, all is right with the world.

I'm probably missing the entire point of this but I stand by my opinion. *nods*

fairyhedgehog said...

I agree with Mireyah.

I'm a glass half full person on the whole but with Nutella any amount bar the scrapings is good. And you get a free glass! What could be better?

I think my brain may implode now.

Whirlochre said...

Nodding in the face of uncertainty is a glass half full trait, methinks.

Quadruped of Sniffliness, Magic
If your brain does implode, what will it be full of, and in what proportion? Maybe air will rush in through your ears to fill the gap, but if your skull is tightly sealed, the only thing I can see happening is that your brain will implode and then be sucked right back into shape again by the vacuum. A bit like the Big Bang — though it won't sound like that from the inside, of course. more of a Sluuuuuurp, sluuuuuurp, sluuuuuurp...

Old Kitty said...

I always say - it depends on what's in the glass. If it's beer - it's always full and always empty.

Did you know that a jar of nutella has the equivalent of over 50 hazelnuts?!?!

Makes for more interesting scenarios.

Take care

Aerin said...

I'm marking myself as the American, aren't I, by saying, "Nutella? YUCK." Even if the Nutella jar were full of beer, I'm not sure I'd see it as anything but half-former-Nutella-jar and therefore total yuck.

As for the philosophical notion that the choice between a half-full or half-empty glass is itself a half-full scenario - I hate to admit it - I mean, really, really, really hate -

I mean, almost would rather ingest Nutella hate -

you might have a point.

latvialovedoll1877 said...

u like pastry beutiful crust i cook student brunete. i give u BIG PLUNKI. hot hot saggyterios

Whirlochre said...

Old Kitty
I wouldn't be surprised if Nutella contains the fat of a hundred cattle.

I bow to your wisdom, lower, lower, lower, till my spine twangs and my forehead imprints on the floor...

Robin S. said...

So...does this Nutella stuff have anything to do with the unsettled Whirl world, currently speaking?

Whirlochre said...

Only inasmuch that I could do with a little more of it — preferably glooped on top of some yummy ice cream.

Lisa K. said...

Well, if it's a big, giant glass that's half-full then that would be a whole lot of full smaller there's always that!

Whirlochre said...

Very true — especially if you had an inflatable duck or boogie board...

McKoala said...

All nutella is good.

So wassabout that England team then?

Whirlochre said...

Like a spray of piss blown back up the pipe by the world's oldest cystic fibrosis survivor preparing for the next onslaught of birthday candles.

And, yes, I know this is extremely offensive, but THAT'S HOW MUCH THE HORROR OF ENGLAND vs ALGERIA has wazzed me off.

I could have done better than that. With my hands tied behind my back. In a full length skirt.

Come on lads! Let's see some action! Let's have Terry reprising the zeal of his first encounter with Cheryl Cole; Gerrard doing that wrinkly forehead bulldog thing — while scoring a bloody goal; Beckham shouting from the sidelines, "where's the hamburger van? I need calories, ketchup, a fat man!"; Rooney living to the full his personal philosophy that just as an angel dies when you fail to believe, and just as Samson lost his strength when mystery Greek stylists hacked off his mullet, so shaving your eyeballs is the folly of a crestfallen nancy boy; James focussing on the locks rather than the dread; Bobby Charton emerging from a time machine crossed with that contraption in The Fly, only instead of a fly blending with Charlton's genes, it's Eric Cantona, Maradonna, Johan Cruyff, and Bobby Robson after ten pints of Carling Black Label and a small bowl of crudites.

Let's have THAT!

Or I'm round there, to Capello's hotel room right now, with a spiked canoe paddle and no idea what might happen next other than DEAD ITALIAN LADYBOY.

Kiersten White said...

And while you're wondering whether the Nutelle jar is half full or half empty, I've stolen it and eaten and entire bunch of bananas slathered in the stuff, so now you've got nothing to think about at all.

Whirlochre said...

You seek to confound me with your brain vacuum tactics?

I counter with a ray of growth, making you 6' 2"!

And, as a side effect, a huge maroon afro!