Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not Even Mother Hubbard Under The Floorboards

The problem with having no secret repository bulging with pre-prepared blog posts is that when new material is needed in order to prevent readers falsely concluding you are dead (or transformed into a horse, and thus unable to type without assistance from a telepathic jockey), sometimes — on days like today, perhaps, when nothing at all interesting has happened, even the stuff you’ve made up* — you are forced to write spurious and inane passages like this; use lots of words but say nothing.

*The astute will realise that I wrote this yesterday and am posting early this morning simply to pull off a kind of H.G. Wells thing...

Fortunately, I do have something cooking in the Guest Blogger Bunker of one of my stalwart followers, so I can hopefully eke out my current post vacuum till the weekend, by which time I may have been slain by a dragon and therefore have more to blog about than hot air.

And folks, if you’ve ever tried to eke out a vacuum, you’ll know it’s on a par with the old joke about “teasing it out with a pencil”.

So — do, please, return on Thursday, when details of my diversion via Guest Blogger Land will be revealed.

In the mean time, ride safely — and if you’re not riding, get the hell up off the road, there are maniacs about.


fairyhedgehog said...

You know, what with reading in a reader and all I don't pop in and see a blankness where a post should be and think, "Oh no, Whirl's turned into a horse."

There's usually enough going on in the comments to keep me busy, so I did miss you while you were off on your non-kilted hols and not responding to blog comments.

Bernita said...

Turned into a horse...Something shifty about that... Whirl as a were-horse.

Old Kitty said...

Always have a back log of kitty pics.

They come in handy for such times as this one!


I have cleared my schedule this Thursday.

Take care

Scarlet Blue said...

...I have a rummage around on Youtube in times of need.
Have you seen my most recent post...?

Whirlochre said...

Snouty Shimmery Thing
Me too. i hate not being able to join in all the fun.

Or a were-steer. Then I could turn any which way.

Old Kitty
All my kitty pics are in Geoff's moleskin album, and she won't let me near it.

Delights partaken of, yes.

jjdebenedictis said...

Yet another post that make me choke on my chocolate, but in a good way. :)

Why (I ask the universe), why has it never occurred to me before to tell people I couldn't blog because I'd been transformed into a horse? So simple; so elegant.

Robin S. said...

I'm just so happy I csn read the blog now! When it was all dark blue I couldn't see the words worth a crap. Eye Strain Cenralia, baby.

But yeah, you being GONE on vacation and now HOME BUT STILL GONE is icky, so I hope you're getting some good stuff done!

Robin S. said...

P.S. That was supposed to be "CenTralia." Oh well...

Whirlochre said...

* whinney *

Talk about Tyoville Arizona!

And yes, though I'm trying to be around, it's not so easy at the moment.

Lisa K. said...

I'm all for using lots of words and saying nothing. Unfortunately, some weeks I find myself doing that a lot more often than not, lol!

Whirlochre said...

The trick is to say nothing, yet mean loads — but not in a Mike Tyson way (unless you're Mike Tyson).