Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Directly Outside 11

Directly outside my window, the vagabond slithery loop coils, suck nutrients from one other in a communal thrash of hunger, an incestuous end-of-species fuck of desperation.

But what do I care? I’m 857 today!

Granted, my confine permits me precious few freedoms, and likely I will perish here, forgotten. And yet, I count myself fortunate that I can walk on my two birth legs, unimpeded and unhindered, from wall to wall to wall, always in accordance with patterns, symmetries, and reflections of the same that I alone have brought into existence.

I tread the four four seven, now until the moment I am twice as old as when the six six three — phoenix brilliance — transformed this place from a tomb in waiting to a haven haven haven say it three times kiss the wall the wall the wall.

Those outside would gobble up these moments, gobble up each other, oblivious.

So light me no candles, extinguish for me no flames. I wish to shut out from here all sight and sound and smell and touch and sense of all but that which now sustains me.

Eight true corners, six square walls, is all I want and need.

I am glad I am trapped in this place. Doomed only to witness, as the world spins by, directly outside.


JaneyV said...

Whirl - I'm reminded of those zoo animals that pace up and down in their enclosures. It matters not how big the environment, the madness of incarceration only allows them to pace a distance the size of a cage.

Although I didn't get all the references, I found the writing compelling.

Old Kitty said...

Er... Happy birthday!

Outside is nasty and putrid - inside is a boxed prison!

What a choice! But it's good to be positive about these things..

Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

My first reaction was extreme puzzlement. I wasn't expecting a story! And I didn't realise it was one of a series. (The number was a clue, I know!)

As Jane says, it's compelling writing. I like that he (you?) sees the room in 3D (with its eight corners and six sides).

I'm intrigued and feel sure I'm missing something.

latvialovedoll1877 said...

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stacy said...

This made me long for Amsterdam, for some reason.

fairyhedgehog said...

I see latvialovedoll is back offering you her pastries. You're a real hit with the women, Whirl. I hope Girlie of Whirlie doesn't mind too much.

Whirlochre said...

Keep your eyes on the blog tab bar for more fiction — inc ref to pacing animals — soon.

Old Kitty
Take care? Ok then, I'll treat myself to a pint of tea and a biscuit...

Spiky Beastie
This series originally started when I was stuck on my WIP, staring out of the window. The first few were quite light hearted but they seem to have become darker as time has gone on.

Let me guess — happy memories of prancing through the tulips in a pair of clogs and a Ruud Gullit football jersey listening to the political speeches of Wim Kok?

Hoggo Deux
G-o-W made an almond cake at the weekend that was uncharacteristically dry, so I could do with a few pastries.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I loved this, but I must admit all those numbers made my head ache! :-)

Robin S. said...

This is utterly gorgeous.

Like 21st century Shakespeare (on steroids).

(I still, however, have a helluva time seeing it.)

JaneyV said...

Whirlio - Robin is going to be in our midst in July. Would you consider meeting up for an afternoon of Pinot and outrageous laughter? You know our emails!

Robin S. said...

Janey's right - outrageous laughter will definitely happen, honey!

Bernita said...

Brillig, as usual, Whirl.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Now I feel daft. I thought it was a "guess who I am" type riddle (a beautifully written one) and was about to guess Dr Who.

Whirlochre said...

It's in the nature of numbers to do that to most people — especially the big ones.*

Wrobin & Janey
If it's doable, I'm in.

Phew. Could so easily have been slithy.

Oooh, riddles. We haven't had one of those yet. May feature in a future post.

* Numbers, not giants. Giants are normally quite good with numbers. All thet measuring their own height and such...

DJ Kirkby said...

Is this post all because your central heating still isn't fitted and your pants are still missing? ooooh it's a series...I see now.

Whirlochre said...

Way to go, Subplot Queen...