Thursday, April 23, 2009

EE Is 3

My diary entry for April 23rd 2006 reads:

Had a premonition over breakfast this morning. Just slid from between a couple of sausages. As I prodded it with my fork, a dark figure rose from the smoke. Nothing ethereal: I always burn breakfast.

‘Who...what are you,’ I said, careful to cover all bases.

‘I am the inseminator of your creative mind! The needle to lance the boil of your hubris! The beautiful sci-fi heroine and star of a thousand fitness DVDs — no, wait, that's Jane Fonda.'

‘So...what do you want?’

‘A comb, if you have one.’

As premonitions go, it was pretty vague. No visions as such, no predictions. Whatever...whoever it was, he just fixed his hair in the mirror, muttering about going live in a few minutes. And then, like Kevin Spacey’s humility after he’d won one too many awards, he was gone.

I thought about that day long and hard, through 2006 and 2007, removing likely culprits from my list as I went. Clearly not Santa, and too bold for the ghost of Yul Brynner — and definitely more evil than Sacha Baron Cohen.

When I finally found Evil Editor’s blog, I realised by which benevolent spectre I had been visited, and though he never returned my comb, I still log on daily to follow his nefarious exploits.

I’m guessing everyone who drops by here knows what a incomparable force for evil he is, but if you don’t and you think you can write, blow out his candles with your mouse and get over there before you waste another second in limbo.

The 3rd Anniversary celebrations begin here.

And continue at Book Roast here.


fairyhedgehog said...

He looks like the ghost of Birthday Present.

Happy Blogiversary, EE!

Robin S. said...

Ha! Love the picture and love the post!

I've posted my thanks as well, but i don't know how to send you a link. (big surprise).

Evil Editor said...

Hey, my blog would be nothing without your many contributions, my friend. Well, not nothing. Pretty much the same, but without your stuff.

Whirlochre said...

To quote Chris Eldin — AHAHAHA!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Lovely pic and tribute!