Friday, August 15, 2008

A Casting Off Of Albatri 5


No hurdles,
no mountains —

One two three
one two three —

It’s bursting
from springs
into out.

It’s what
you must do,
without doubt.


Kiersten said...

This has a very nice rhythm, Whirl.

Also, I'm so impressed with your WHIPometer. You're cruising.

Whirlochre said...


I'm not pushing myself that hard.

In truth, this isn't cruising, it's draft-brushing. The real hard stuff comes next week when I get to write something new.

Kiersten said...

Oh, yeah, for some reason I always think of it as the WHIPometer. Because before you actually put it up, you had something about whips...couldn't quite get that out of my head, I suppose.

Well, still, good work. Keep going.

Whirlochre said...

I crouch corrected.

writtenwyrdd said...

Keep slogging away. You'll get there.

Whirlochre said...

But will I return alive?

Whirlochre said...

Grunt! Snort! Spoop!